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Cranio-sacral therapy – biodynamics

Craniosacral biodynamic therapy

– what´s this?

It means a modern therapeutic method, which combines the natural medical and self regular mechanism of the human body. The human body and mind are closely connected to each other and they are in perfect balance in health. If something interrupts this balance it can manifest itself in mental and physiological problems.

Craniosacral therapy works with human body as a whole.  It works with its natural functioning and balance. This makes this therapy an effective treatment tool, which can have a beneficial effect even where the classical methods fails.


Where is the craniosacral name come from?

Rhythmic movements of tissues and fluids are a spontaneous manifestation of the natural functioning of the human body. These gentle movements are guide for the therapist.  The centre of these movements is rise and fall (flow) of cerebrospinal fluid, which washes the brain inside the skull (this is called the cranium). It flows up to the root of the spine, where is cross-bone found. This is marked as a os sacrum.

What is the principle of the craniosacral therapy?

The base of the healthy central nervous of system and whole organism is a proper cerebrospinal fluid flow. However this “rhythm” is not only for a spinal cord and brain but it’s for all bones of the human body, tendons and also internal organs. Only an experienced therapist can feel it anywhere in the body. As soon as the therapist found it, this rhythm can support and strengthen a natural health.

The therapist can recognize and support a very deep physiological process using by knowledge of anatomy, physiology, functioning of the nervous system and energy processes in the human body. As a result, it returns to its natural functioning and the nervous system is harmonized. By the way all the processes in the body work properly, the vitality of the organism is increased as a whole.

How does craniosacral therapy work?

The treatment itself usually takes place in lying down on a massage table, but sometimes it could be made by sitting. The client is dressed all the time, so that he feels pleasant, relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand the therapist sitting on a chair and then he sensitively puts his hands on individual parts of the client´s body. The therapist starts on the cooperation with a client with the first touches and he starts to get into client’s rhythm of primary respiration.

The body begins to react after a short time it which is reflected in the fact that the client can feel warm or differences between right or left halves of the body. Sometimes there are also spontaneous movements, increased sensitivity in places of old injuries or in blocked parts of the body, etc.

During the therapy the old blocks are taken away and the old memories could begin returned. The therapist feels the response, react to it and he lets to leads it. The whole procedure takes place of a deep relaxation and peace it is a very pleasant for a client. A treatment of cardiovascular methods to take approximately 75 minutes and their number is individual for each other. Is necessary goes to therapy every week in some cases. However the intervals are more and more extended until a visit to the therapist once a month or after longer period time.

In which problems the method of craniosacral therapy helps?

It helps in healthy problems such as:

  • Chronic pain and problems of locomotors system
  • Back pain and degeneration of the spine or joints
  • Problems with jaws, sight, hearing, smell and cavities
  • Headache and migraine
  • Disorders of the immune system and metabolism¨
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Indigestion

This therapy is also suitable for the treatment of trauma:

  • After injuries, accidents and postoperative conditions
  • After emotional or physical shocks
  • In individuals suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue and exhaustion
  • To stop depressive states and subsequent harmonization

This therapy helps to pregnant and children:

  • As support and preparation for childbirth
  • In postpartum integration of the child and mother
  • In solving problems related to traumatic childbirth

In the process of personal growth will help you:

  • It helps to realize oneself and one’s body
  • Integrate (unite or harmonize) body and soul
  • Harmonize the nervous system of the whole body again
  • Relieve the tension and stress