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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue – Deep massage of muscles

Deep massage is using an intensive massage technique which is used for muscles and other soft tissues much more into depth. This technique is suitable especially for those who don´t need a relaxation, release and caress, but for those who prefer a proper massage, which will relieve from the pain and muscle tension.  The main goal is to eliminate or relieve muscle pain and to reduce mobility. The deep massage is suitable not only as a cure, but also prevents of undesirable physical or mental states and improves of vitality.

This type of massage can help more than classic massage because is more focused to the muscle blocks and it can even refresh the function of muscles or whole muscle groups which are stiff for a long time. The deep massage can be a little bit more painful, which is disadvantage against relaxation massage, which must be a pleasant.  The deep massage can help to release deep muscle tension and on the other side the effect of this massage starts relatively quickly.

Initial relief can start during the massage or couple of hours later. The function of muscles should improve after a few massages.  Soon the clients can get the feeling of relief, energy and they can be more active.

Influence of deep massage for our healthy

The deep massage is a very beneficial for our healthy. We can to classify those which are the most beneficial for us such as:

  • Pain relief, which can restore the normal muscle condition
  • Improved mobility
  • Improvement of the energy flow
  • Remove a tiredness and insomnia
  • Relieves stress and it helps to get the feeling of calm
  • It also has a beneficial effect to joints, tendons and some organs

The most often a deep massage takes around 60 minutes. Firstly you can usually to come once per week. After achieving an appropriate of muscle recovery, the interval of visits is extended to one visit every 2-3 weeks.

The classic relaxation massage

If you are missing to be cool, peace and relaxation the relaxation massage just can help you.
This is soothing type of oil massage suitable for the widest range of people. The relaxing effect is high due to that it uses a set of touches respecting the natural distribution of energy and acupuncture points of the human body. The relaxation massage which is properly and quality done can have a beneficial effect for a central nervous system.

The regularly done relaxation massage can help to reduce accumulate stress. The stiff and sore muscles are returned into their original state and their flexibility is improved. This leads to feel of release. The people can immediately feel to be more relaxed, satisfied and full of positive energy after the massage.

The main benefits of relaxation massage:

  • • To be relaxed and stress relief
  • • To calm down of whole body and mind
  • • To return of inside peace and relax
  • • Regeneration of tired and overloaded muscles
  • • Elimination of tiredness and state of exhaustion
  • • Relieve or eliminate headaches

Contraindication of massages

Contraindication means the reason why the massage shouldn’t be.  Massages are mainly to help us but then the situations can happen that the massage could make your healthy worse.

The most often are

  • Condition of acute inflammatory disease (angina, inflammation of joints or kidneys, etc.)
  • Infectious diseases (cold sores, fungi)
  • Pregnancy (deep massage may not be suitable for pregnant women)
  • After significant physical activity
  • After consuming alcohol, drugs, medication or excessive food
  • In case of oncological diseases (or after cancer)
  • If you have varicose veins and large bruises
  • If you have severe heart disease