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Sound massage

What is the massage by sound?

This massage method is hiding the name of sound healing (from English treatment by sound), which is use the special therapeutic sound and elements of classical massages to help harmonisation, relax and fill the energy. The therapeutic sound massage works not only on an emotional or mental level, but also on a physical level.

The often used tools are for example: Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, singing, a mansion and sometimes also peace and quiet. The important is also client´s interest and cooperation to rectification of the energy which is influence and transfer by sound.

After all, we know a certain equivalent of the mentioned from common life, when the same words can fulfil a completely different purpose. This gives them various vibrations that we can feel. The mankind is constantly discovering that any sound made by our body can fundamentally change the way our body and consciousness are organized.

What is the purpose of massage by sound?

It acts on the basic building unit of the human body. This is nothing but a cell. The easiest way to communicate with cells is through vibration. The external vibrations to call over a resonance in them that are identical with the source of vibrations. The sound is largely spreads by water in the body (our body is consists of 70% water).  The sound is transfer with water´s help to the cells, which it vibrates.

You can imagine it as if you throw a stone into the water. Concentrated waves appear on the surface, flowing in ever-increasing circles. Such waves in our body penetrate to places where fingers and hands could never get. They evoke a healing that is unique and sometimes unattainable in other ways.

And what are the most typical tools to use by sound massage?

Zvuková masáž pomocí tibetských mís

The certain kind of the sound therapy is sound massage of Tibetan bowls. These bowls are put on the body and then resounded by the therapist. For someone can be surprise that both of you will stay dressed on this séance. The reason is that there is no necessary to be touched for naked skin for a transfer the sound and vibrations. The harmonious sounds of Tibetan bowls are calm and gentle, evoking feelings of inside well-being and balance. This allows a very deep and effective sound relaxation. The relaxation evoked in this way can gently release the blocks and dissolve the tension in the body and soul.

The sound massage is used by gongs

You can find gongs in many kind of culture around the world. No wonder, because their rich and impressive sound spectrum seems to be destined for ritual and healing functions. Quality gong can be a very effective in sound massage; it is an excellent music therapy and harmonizing tool.

Buben jako nejstarší hudební nástroj

Věděli jste, že buben je jeden z nejstarších (ne-li nejstarší vůbec) nástrojů světa? Odpradávna si s jeho pomocí lidé zajišťovali přízeň duchů a šamani žádali o pomoc síly z druhého světa. Díky jejich zvuku byli schopni uvádět se do stavu jiného vědomí, děkovali vyšším bytostem aj. Jejich zvuk připomíná tep srdce matky Země, který má vše navracet do rovnováhy.

 The drum as a the oldest musical instrument

Have you known that the drum is one of the oldest instruments in the world ever? From time immemorial, people have used the drum to secure the favour of ghosts, and shamans have asked for help the forces of the other world. They were able to enter a state of other consciousness thanks to their sound; they thanked higher beings, etc. Their sound resembles the heartbeat of Mother Earth, which is to restore everything to balance.

Songs and relaxation by sound

Happy and beautiful songs can help to mothers to calm their babies; they are meditation and pleasure in one. On the other hand sacred songs boast a deep healing and relaxing effect. You don’t have to sing yourself and still their sound will bring a quiet and peace to your soul, just listen. They can connect people and bring them back to the source of our strength and joy.

The effects of sound massage

The sound massage has whole types of positive influence to our body and mind.

Sound therapy

  • Harmonizes and massages all nodes and cells in our body
  • Releases blocks and relieves tension
  • Enhances the self-healing potential of the body and soul
  • Gently detoxifies internal organs, cleanses blood and other body fluids
  • Improves positive self-perception
  • Helps develop creative skills
  • It evokes feelings of happiness and well-being in us